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fall protection services

Fall Protection Services

Infinity Access offers expert analysis and provide site-specific fall protection solutions. This can be accomplished through direct site evaluation or through blue print or construction specification examination. We can identify hazards and propose a number of cost effective programs to meet your safety goals. We can help you come into compliance with OSHA regulations and supply complete access systems.

Among the various fall protection related services that Infinity Access has to offer, our highly trained and knowledgeable personnel can test your self-installed system and assist you in achieving your required legislative requirements. Certification is not only an OSHA requirement but also mandatory to acquire product warranty.

Our engineering team has the experience and the specialized understanding to offer the best recommendations to overcome even the most difficult and diverse applications. We will propose a tailored fall protection program designed to meet all performance, safety and structural criteria while incorporating components that are entirely OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE compliant.

Through consultation and cost analysis we can help bring your design from concept to comprehensive stamped engineered drawings approved in all 50 states and Canada.

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Infinity Access provides custom-engineered fall restraint and fall arrest solutions. Located in St. Paul, MN, Infinity Access travels throughout the United States and Canada to provide complete building access and fall protection solutions.

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